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Treatment Session

What should I expect with an osteopathic treatment?

At the first appointment, usually 75-90 minutes in length, your health history will be discussed, goals for treatment, postural assessment, and hands-on treatment are included. You might even get some homework that requires stretching, supplement suggestions, or exercises.  

Treatment can be done over loose comfortable clothing. Yoga pants or shorts, gym shorts, a tank top or bra for women are recommended. Some may be comfortable in briefs, for men, and underwear and a bra for women.  

During the treatment I may do some passive range of motion testing and treating of various structures at the same time. You may feel sleepy, or certain moments may cause pain and discomfort, at which time we will need to communicate that it subsides and it goes away.  

After the treatment you may still feel sleepy or fatigued. If you can, go for a 20 minute walk, or take a nap. You may also feel some discomfort for a day or so, if longer please let me know.  

The frequency and number of treatments depend on your treatment goals, and what you need to have worked on. The body heals quickly or slowly, depending on how long the issue has been with you, other injuries, daily activities or lack of, etc. It does help me to receive feedback about progression and setbacks so that your treatment session can be tailored to your body.  

What should I expect with massage therapy?

It can be used to treat conditions in the acute to chronic stages. Treatment also enhances and individual's overall sense of emotional and physical well-being and quality of life.  

At the very first appointment you will have a health history form to fill out as required by the Regulated Health Professions Act. This only takes a few minutes. We will also go over your health goals, whether its an acute or chronic issue. 

Included is a postural assessment and possibly muscle and range of motion testing and observation. This will help to pinpoint the cause of any chronic pain and also identify areas that could be troublesome in the future.  For this reason its best to come dressed in loose comfortable clothing such as shorts and a tank top, as I treat and assess over clothing throughout the appointment. 

  • You are the client--you are in charge. Massage therapists are trained to provide client-centred therapy. Your consent is central to the experience. You can stop or change the treatment at any time.
  • Like other health professionals, your massage therapist is bound by provincial privacy regulations. It is important for your therapist to know your health information, but be assured that it will be kept confidential with provincial norms and standards.

Benefits range from a calm state of being, quieting the mind, softening tight muscles, to feeling more alert and in your body by shedding the days stress so you can get a restful nights sleep. This may last for a few days to a few weeks. Recommended treatment times vary with each individual. Most come once a month for maintenance, or every other week to work on chronic problems. 

Spending time with a health professional for a full hour is a rarity in western medicine. If I cannot answer a question for you, I will guide you to find the answers or refer you to someone who can.  You are the one most responsible for your health, I am here to assist you in a path to wellness.


Cindy J. Filler, RMT, DOMP

Prices effective June 1, 2020

Initial Appointment

75 minutes


Follow up Osteopathic appointment

30 minutes


45 minutes


60 minutes


75 minutes


90 minutes


Registered Massage Therapy Follow up Appointment

(Craniosacral/Visceral Manipulation)

30 Minutes

$60.00  (GST $2.86)

45 Minutes

$90.00  (GST $4.29)

60 minutes

$110.00  (GST $5.24)

75 minutes

$130.00 (GST $6.50)

90 minutes

$140.00 (GST $7)

  • MSP - Hard Opt out practitioner (patient pays full amount at appointment)
  • Student discount available
  • Veterans and RCMP - must indicate at time of booking
  • WCB not accepted
  • ICBC - must indicate at time of booking

Cancellation Policy: the full amount will be charged when less than 24hrs notice is given.


Recommended Fee Schedule


BC Chiropractors

BC Physiotherapist

BC Registered Massage Therapists

20 Minute




30 Minute




45 Minute




60 Minute




90 Minute