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March/April 2020 update – COVID-19 – cha-cha-cha

Good day to you. I'm glad you're here to visit my site and get more information. The current status of the world is quite ... scary, interesting, different, and its only March!
I have stopped seeing patients as of March 17 - St. Patricks day! This will be memorable for years/decades to come!
All seriousness though - Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC's Provincial Health Officer, the CMTBC (College of Massage Therapists, BC), and OsteopathyBC have sent orders to suspend practice indefinitely.  The orders for social distancing - staying 6 feet away conflict with the type of services I provide and make it impossible. So to be compliant with this and not become a vector with which to spread this virus, I will not be seeing patients until this changes. It is unknown when this will change as the numbers of infections continue to grow exponentially on a daily basis.

If anyone has had or has an appointment with me coming up in April, it will be suspended until further notice. I'm still accepting new patients for my waitlist - but understand this could be several months to a year for an initial appointment.

Please stay healthy, go for walks, spring is here and nature doesn't care if you're going for a hike at the beach or in the mountains, please practice distancing, wash your hands, have a coffee and call your family and loved ones. There are many in our community that are alone, check in on your neighbours - leave them a note to say hello, meet for a coffee across the street from each other. Thank the medical staff daily at 7pm by clapping and/or clanking pots/pans/lids...let them know we are supporting them by staying home by keeping the spread of this virus to a minimum. Just a few suggestions on keeping cabin fever at bay! See you on the other side....