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Welcome to my little piece of the internet.

Clinic update - resuming as of July 2023! My shoulder is healing finally, and I'm ready to get back to work. For those of you who have already seen me, please click the link to the right to book your next appointment. It's a reduced schedule until I have most of my strength back and to make sure I'm not flaring up my shoulder again. Your patience is appreciated.

For new patients - I do have spots available for new appointments, please email me directly before booking.

Thank you and enjoy the sunshine and summer...I will certainly be doing that as well. See you soon!


Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

From Freepix, Happy Chinese New Year 2023

I can't believe its been a year since my last new years post...whoops! I've been very distracted with so many things - an e-bike, new osteopathic books, travelling to Portugal and the UK with a friend, visiting family due to medical issues, camping on Vancouver Island, and of course working and treating patients.

This all lead me to more self care things - a yoga retreat, a spa retreat, along with various spa visits with friends and family, trying out IMS with a physiotherapist, my regular osteopathic sessions, regular massages with my RMT friends, acupuncture at Hemma (so thrilled they moved into the Oaklands neighborhood and that it is now walking distance), and trying out new restaurants in Victoria. Yes - I consider having someone else make me food as self care - no dishes to deal with. What are you doing for your self care?

As far as spas go - Victoria is getting something pretty unique - a spa on a boat that will be docked near the harbour downtown. Yep...a spa...on a boat. How fun is that?! But did you also know we have a Finnish inspired spa? And a hot tub boat that you and several friends can soak and float down the Gorge in?? Also of note is that you can have a sauna at the beach - its a mobile wooden barrel style dry sauna that is parked at Willows - warm and ready for you after your cold plunge in the ocean! I love this idea - maybe I'll be inspired to dip in the ocean after a session in this sauna...maybe. Maybe I'll just book in at the Finnish spa...!

So enjoy the next few weeks of winter here with some self care to carry you through to spring when the cherry blossoms do their show!

The calendar said July - but it still felt like April. Summer rain showers, morning and afternoon fog...such is life in the Pacific Northwest. Be prepared for all of it - rain, sun, heat, clouds, blue sky - wear layers, bring a rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, and waterproof hiking boots! I'd say never a dull moment here, but the overcast of rainclouds can dull a mood quickly.
But looking forward: Here's to backyard gatherings with friends old and new!
And now it is August - finally some of that warm +20C we have been waiting for...but my tomatoes are still green. Oh well...back to the farmers markets. So many fresh berries and fruits that I've had to make peace with the fruit flies. Just means we have a lot to snack on. This time of year makes me think about the Fall and the next course to take - should I travel, should I stay here...where to next? As courses in-person start up again, there are so many wonderful topics to choose from as well. Such a bounty of choices for August! I'm feeling very grateful to have such a bounty.

Year of the Tiger 2022
It's officially the Year of the Tiger (and I can't help it but the song Eye of the Tiger plays in my mind, You're welcome). Also time for dim sum with friends - but maybe in March after this wave of the virus passes us. (I won't name it as its in the news enough don't you think?)
And unfortunately, my husband and I have been through it. Several weeks in and we are still experiencing the fatigue - but not as much as 3 weeks ago - that was just horrible. We are really tired of it and bored of being sick and watching Netflix, among other things. I have so much more compassion for those diagnosed with CFS/ME or chronic fatigue of any sorts. I vacuumed for 30 min and had to nap for a hour! Crazy. It difficult for us who like to keep busy and just do things around the house. I do love reading a good book in front of the fireplace, but for weeks of that - it just made me ansy. At least we are on the other side of it now, just some annoying congestion and some light workouts at home to get our energy levels back up. We have to go slowly though - too much of that and we are just wiped out for a day again. I hope many of you escaped this invation of the immune system.
As it is still winter - yes snow on the Malahat again today Feb 2 - its still time to slow down. Here are some lovely instructors for some gentle movements at home.

Essential Somatics with Martha -
Cedar and yin yoga -

Fall leaves were giving quite a show in Victoria this year. The various colors - reds, yellows, greens, to browns really kept the grey days brighter and colorful. Poinsettias and mums also help to brighten a porch as the daylight gets shorter.

Update for fall - I will no longer be working at Johnson street as of December 2021. Starting from January 2022 I will only be at Morley street clinic.

Here are a list of therapists that are accepting new patients for osteopathic focused sessions:

Alison Haynes, CAT (Athletic therapist) and 2nd year osteopathic student, very good hands and assessments - (works at Johnson st clinic)

Caroline Geofroy, DOMP is accepting new patients, contact her at (250) 514-6806, or

Stephanie Dempsey Kruger, CAT (DOMP thesis writer) at: Vitality Treatment Centre in Oak Bay, Phone: 250.370.1020 • or Saanich:

And RMT/Osteopathic students in Victoria:

Rebekah Neubert, RMT - (near Hillside Mall)

Nicole Baker, RMT - (Westshore/Langford)

Lovely sunshine to start off June in Victoria, BC. Feels great to bask in the warmth of the sun in the backyard, in the garden, in others gardens, at the beach and parks over looking the ocean. We have many wonderful choices to be in nature here on Vancouver Island!

Self Care you have one? Is it at the back of your mind or something you make sure to do daily/weekly/monthly? Somethings fall to the bottom of the list or get forgotten completely of course! Sharing my list here, and in no particular order:

  • Massage monthly - RMT appointments have to be booked 2-3 months in advance, I usually rotate between several of them depending on style and availability. Sometimes a hot stone massage is involved no matter what time of year, or a Thai massage is amazing!
  • Osteopathic treatment - I see a couple of my classmates, each has their own style and I'm always feeling great after a session.
  • Yoga - this is weekly/several times a week. Online mostly, but looking forward to outdoor classes this summer with various teachers and studios.
  • Float House - sensory reduction while floating in warm salty water with gentle music playing in the background.
  • Acupuncture - community acupuncture at A must for hormonal balance, general aches and pains, and insomnia. If you've never tried it, this place is fantastic. I also see another practitioner that does a combo with massage and cupping. A fabulous treatment!
  • Stand Up Paddle boarding - SUP'ing around Victoria is such a great stress reliever! Being on the ocean with the quiet sounds of the currents is so calming. I'll occasionally paddle on Thetis, Elk, or Matheson as well.
  • Foam rolling, massage balls, and Vibration plate workouts - these I will add on to my yoga workouts as well.
  • Visit as many patios as I can this summer - the major benefit to the pandemic is the addition of so many patios from some of my favorite restaurants! Gotta love eating outdoors!

This is the main list for me. Do you have a list? It could be to visit as many gardens or beaches or campgrounds. It all counts as self care. Enjoy the start of summer!

Springtime 2021

It's a lovely day in Victoria today - St. Patrick's Day....and I'm not one for most anniversaries (call me a curmudgeon) but it's the one year anniversary of the closure of my clinic due to the pandemic. Thinking about that week when I cancelled everyone for 2 weeks that it might be for a short time....I had no idea it would be 2 and a half months until I was able to open up again.

So here we are, 2021 and the mask collection has grown, and I think the use of masks will still be in the routine for a while longer. My cleaning skills have improved, for the better of course! But I still forget a mask when I'm out doing errands and have to backtrack to the car for one.

Coming up are BC camping reservations....its quite the competition to find anything! And no flights to anywhere...just yet! It's been so long since I've travelled, and most of you know that I tend to travel several times per year for courses. I've done many online courses, but its just not the same as in-person courses. Very grateful for living in BC, there are many other nooks and beaches to visit.

As our friends and family in the US get vaccinated, I'm hoping they are able to come and visit, or we are able to see them and give them hugs, and have dinners with them. Same with Canadians, the healthcare system is ramping up the vaccinations, so I'll be in line for that.

And understand it's all voluntary, so even if you are not comfortable getting it, that is still your choice. No pressure from me.

That's the current update! Book in for May, it's coming up!

Socially Distant Sweets
Socially Distant Sweets

This is the cozy season. Fireplaces, cuddles, lapcats, rainy walks, warm sweaters, boots...etc. You get it. Remember your self care routine - don't have one yet or have you forgotten about it because of other world events happening? Some things are out of our control and many things are in our control - self care is one of those things that you have to do. Exercise, bathe, feed, and clothe yourself. But the best part is the pampering - get a body scrub with sea salts, essential oils and vigorously scrub your skin and scalp before a soak in the tub for 20 min. Enough time to listen to an album of your choice that'll put a smile on your face and make you tap your toes on the tub.
If the tub is not your thing, or yours is more like a the same thing and then a hot steamy shower to wash it all off. We eat delicious foods that go inside our body, so we can also put delicious things on the outside.

Notification of fee increase as of January 2021 - I've been charging GST in my rates since I became an RMT in 2002. And now, the CRA has said I have to charge GST as an osteopathic practitioner as well. These changes are reflected in the new rates below.

Initial Appointment

75 minutes

$145.00 (GST $7.25)

Follow up Osteopathic appointment

30 Minutes

$70.00  (GST $3.50)

45 Minutes

$90.00  (GST $4.50)

60 minutes

$120.00  (GST $6.00)

75 minutes

$145.00 (GST $7.25)

Registered Massage Therapy Follow up Appointment

(Craniosacral/Visceral Manipulation)

30 Minutes

$70.00  (GST $3.50)

45 Minutes

$90.00  (GST $4.50)

60 minutes

$120.00  (GST $6.00)

75 minutes

$145.00 (GST $7.25)

  • MSP - Hard Opt out practitioner (patient pays full amount at appointment)
  • Student discount available
  • Veterans and RCMP - must indicate at time of Booking
  • WCB not accepted
  • ICBC direct billing available

Cancellation Policy: the full amount will be charged when less than 24hrs notice is given.



Fall really fell here in Victoria, BC. Sunny and 25 degrees Celsius that turned into indoor lockdown from thick smelly smoke from the fires in Washington. That ruined the last weekend of summer fun for me. What about you? Seems that masks were worn because of the smoke! It was shocking to see some people running outdoors! But I get it...I was getting pretty punchy just staying inside no SUP for weeks now!

Other good news comes from our local pools - and they have re-opened by appointment only!  I have to give them kudos for doing such a marvelous job of spacing groups out so that you're in and out without much fuss or bumping into too many in the change rooms. So nice to have a place to swim and feel the freedom of the water.

And lastly the not so great news - the CRA has come out with a new rule for manual osteopathic practitioners. From this update:

Basically says that I am to charge GST on these appointments. I'm not thrilled, but I have to change my backend accounting to reflect this. You will not notice anything on your end, that is until my rates go up in the future.

So next up is Halloween - my favorite holiday and decorating-the-house-day! Sadly we will not hand out candy, I just don't think anyone will come by and I'm sure Dr. Bonnie Henry advises against it. Another holiday we will have to wait to celebrate next year! So I'll have to be satisfied with online searches of pets in's one:

Darth Pug
Darth Pug

Happy Summer!

Feel's actually "hot" in Victoria - have you been to the beaches yet? I'm so grateful to be on Vancouver Island - we have so many choices to be at the beach, or near a lake to cool off and jump in for a swim! Have you done that yet? I'd love to...eventually.

Many of you know that I've been on a hiatus (again) since July 18th. Reason was to get 2 of 3 hip screws removed. Check out the numbers game for this: Original Injury Monday July 15, 2013, 7 years later on Monday July 20, 2020 to get them removed. Check in time at the hospital: 11:20am, home by 6:20pm. Just some fun with numbers here..anyways the surgery was successful, the surgeon even woke me up to show them to me before they wheeled me out of the OR! Those came out all in one piece, and so did I. I'm kind of sad that they didnt let me keep them - they are mine and made of fancy surgical steel! Grrr...Oh well, rules are rules.
It was done at Royal Jubilee, the staff was great, the COVID screening seemed excessive (4 times that day!) but it was with a different aspect of the procedure and area of the hospital, so understandable. I felt very safe in the hospital at every pit stop. I was in before lunch, and home at dinnertime! Western medicine and surgery is pretty incredible.

I'm still healing, but its going rather quickly and I'm very happy about it. Once I get clearance from the surgeon about returning to work, I might have some openings at the end of August. But for sure I will be back full swing in September. The schedule is open for booking then.

Assessment of re-opening post shut down - after the first 2 weeks of getting used to the new protocols with a mask and extra cleaning all is well and seems routine to me now. Those of you who have come in for an appointment have learned some new tricks and habits, and others are well versed. I see this continuing for us for the next year or so. Especially as we brace/welcome the fall!
Adding 20 min in-between appointments has reduced the cross over, for pretty much all appointments.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you again!