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Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

From Freepix, Happy Chinese New Year 2023

I can't believe its been a year since my last new years post...whoops! I've been very distracted with so many things - an e-bike, new osteopathic books, travelling to Portugal and the UK with a friend, visiting family due to medical issues, camping on Vancouver Island, and of course working and treating patients.

This all lead me to more self care things - a yoga retreat, a spa retreat, along with various spa visits with friends and family, trying out IMS with a physiotherapist, my regular osteopathic sessions, regular massages with my RMT friends, acupuncture at Hemma (so thrilled they moved into the Oaklands neighborhood and that it is now walking distance), and trying out new restaurants in Victoria. Yes - I consider having someone else make me food as self care - no dishes to deal with. What are you doing for your self care?

As far as spas go - Victoria is getting something pretty unique - a spa on a boat that will be docked near the harbour downtown. Yep...a spa...on a boat. How fun is that?! But did you also know we have a Finnish inspired spa? And a hot tub boat that you and several friends can soak and float down the Gorge in?? Also of note is that you can have a sauna at the beach - its a mobile wooden barrel style dry sauna that is parked at Willows - warm and ready for you after your cold plunge in the ocean! I love this idea - maybe I'll be inspired to dip in the ocean after a session in this sauna...maybe. Maybe I'll just book in at the Finnish spa...!

So enjoy the next few weeks of winter here with some self care to carry you through to spring when the cherry blossoms do their show!