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July and August 2022 – Summer in the PNW

The calendar said July - but it still felt like April. Summer rain showers, morning and afternoon fog...such is life in the Pacific Northwest. Be prepared for all of it - rain, sun, heat, clouds, blue sky - wear layers, bring a rain jacket, sunglasses, sunscreen, and waterproof hiking boots! I'd say never a dull moment here, but the overcast of rainclouds can dull a mood quickly.
But looking forward: Here's to backyard gatherings with friends old and new!
And now it is August - finally some of that warm +20C we have been waiting for...but my tomatoes are still green. Oh well...back to the farmers markets. So many fresh berries and fruits that I've had to make peace with the fruit flies. Just means we have a lot to snack on. This time of year makes me think about the Fall and the next course to take - should I travel, should I stay here...where to next? As courses in-person start up again, there are so many wonderful topics to choose from as well. Such a bounty of choices for August! I'm feeling very grateful to have such a bounty.