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Happy Lunar New Year 2022!

Year of the Tiger 2022
It's officially the Year of the Tiger (and I can't help it but the song Eye of the Tiger plays in my mind, You're welcome). Also time for dim sum with friends - but maybe in March after this wave of the virus passes us. (I won't name it as its in the news enough don't you think?)
And unfortunately, my husband and I have been through it. Several weeks in and we are still experiencing the fatigue - but not as much as 3 weeks ago - that was just horrible. We are really tired of it and bored of being sick and watching Netflix, among other things. I have so much more compassion for those diagnosed with CFS/ME or chronic fatigue of any sorts. I vacuumed for 30 min and had to nap for a hour! Crazy. It difficult for us who like to keep busy and just do things around the house. I do love reading a good book in front of the fireplace, but for weeks of that - it just made me ansy. At least we are on the other side of it now, just some annoying congestion and some light workouts at home to get our energy levels back up. We have to go slowly though - too much of that and we are just wiped out for a day again. I hope many of you escaped this invation of the immune system.
As it is still winter - yes snow on the Malahat again today Feb 2 - its still time to slow down. Here are some lovely instructors for some gentle movements at home.

Essential Somatics with Martha -
Cedar and yin yoga -