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Winter Holidays 2023

Winter is certainly here in Victoria! It was a very snowy week here, about five inches or so fell. Enough to have to shovel - twice! And salt the sidewalk - twice! I would say we could be done with that, as the weather forecast shows warmer temperatures, and rain - as usual. This is the perfect time to cozy up by the fireplace and read some books on my "want to read" list and have a hot chocolate!

My current training with Frequency Specific Microcurrent continues! So far I've done online courses, then a workshop in Troutdale, OR, Chandler, AZ, and San Francisco, CA for these. It's so fun to meet other practitioners with a new (to me) modality, and exchange stories and techniques while learning. It's been quite the rabbit hole, as it's almost never ending with the issues that other practitioners have treated successfully with FSM.

The main reason people come and see me is for pain or discomfort somewhere in their body that my manual practice can help with. Over the years, my body is complaining about how difficult this has been to work while injured or, honestly, just lack of exercise (yes, I too can procrastinate just as well as patients can, and not want to leave a warm house to brave the weather to get to a workout class). So I've been searching for other modalities to add to my toolbox so that I can continue to treat my current patient base and help more people without wearing out my body quicker than necessary. I love my work and want to continue to treat our community as long as I can.

If you want to learn more about this modality here are some online resources:  - Dr. Carol McMakin wrote 2 books, does online and in-person training around the world, and a podcast. She is busy! - lots of general information, as well as information for practitioners to add this to the toolbox.

Even patients can learn to use a device for their own healing at home! Let me know if this is a route you would be interested in exploring. Some courses are appropriate for patients to take as well.

I'm currently adding this modality to my osteopathic therapy sessions. Contact me for more information, or ask me the next time you're in the clinic. I am currently accepting new patients for March 2024.

Keep warm and cozy!