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Rainy Fall Days are here 2023

It's cozy time again! Hot chocolate or a tea, and a book, or several, and a cat in my lap. What could be cozier? Oh maybe a spa visit? Or a sauna visit? Or a float?

Here are my fav places for self care...its an ongoing list, but I usually make my rounds through these places every couple of months. - lots of amazing therapists here for facials, hot stones, pedicures, etc. - or the Langford location. Love their tag line: Experience Nothing. - sauuuwww-nah....steam, heat, cold plunge, plus RMT massages! Cozy space with all that, and a place to have a snack before you emerge back into the world. - more facials with an Ayurvedic influence, this place is aaahmazing. - yoga class and then a massage, yes please! - another cozy place for a treatment by skilled acupuncturists

These are my top favorites that I rotate throughout the year. Self care is so important - no one else will do it for you! You have to make the appointments and show up - once you do you are well taken care of!