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Springtime 2021

It's a lovely day in Victoria today - St. Patrick's Day....and I'm not one for most anniversaries (call me a curmudgeon) but it's the one year anniversary of the closure of my clinic due to the pandemic. Thinking about that week when I cancelled everyone for 2 weeks that it might be for a short time....I had no idea it would be 2 and a half months until I was able to open up again.

So here we are, 2021 and the mask collection has grown, and I think the use of masks will still be in the routine for a while longer. My cleaning skills have improved, for the better of course! But I still forget a mask when I'm out doing errands and have to backtrack to the car for one.

Coming up are BC camping reservations....its quite the competition to find anything! And no flights to anywhere...just yet! It's been so long since I've travelled, and most of you know that I tend to travel several times per year for courses. I've done many online courses, but its just not the same as in-person courses. Very grateful for living in BC, there are many other nooks and beaches to visit.

As our friends and family in the US get vaccinated, I'm hoping they are able to come and visit, or we are able to see them and give them hugs, and have dinners with them. Same with Canadians, the healthcare system is ramping up the vaccinations, so I'll be in line for that.

And understand it's all voluntary, so even if you are not comfortable getting it, that is still your choice. No pressure from me.

That's the current update! Book in for May, it's coming up!

Socially Distant Sweets
Socially Distant Sweets