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July and August 2020 update

Happy Summer!

Feel's actually "hot" in Victoria - have you been to the beaches yet? I'm so grateful to be on Vancouver Island - we have so many choices to be at the beach, or near a lake to cool off and jump in for a swim! Have you done that yet? I'd love to...eventually.

Many of you know that I've been on a hiatus (again) since July 18th. Reason was to get 2 of 3 hip screws removed. Check out the numbers game for this: Original Injury Monday July 15, 2013, 7 years later on Monday July 20, 2020 to get them removed. Check in time at the hospital: 11:20am, home by 6:20pm. Just some fun with numbers here..anyways the surgery was successful, the surgeon even woke me up to show them to me before they wheeled me out of the OR! Those came out all in one piece, and so did I. I'm kind of sad that they didnt let me keep them - they are mine and made of fancy surgical steel! Grrr...Oh well, rules are rules.
It was done at Royal Jubilee, the staff was great, the COVID screening seemed excessive (4 times that day!) but it was with a different aspect of the procedure and area of the hospital, so understandable. I felt very safe in the hospital at every pit stop. I was in before lunch, and home at dinnertime! Western medicine and surgery is pretty incredible.

I'm still healing, but its going rather quickly and I'm very happy about it. Once I get clearance from the surgeon about returning to work, I might have some openings at the end of August. But for sure I will be back full swing in September. The schedule is open for booking then.

Assessment of re-opening post shut down - after the first 2 weeks of getting used to the new protocols with a mask and extra cleaning all is well and seems routine to me now. Those of you who have come in for an appointment have learned some new tricks and habits, and others are well versed. I see this continuing for us for the next year or so. Especially as we brace/welcome the fall!
Adding 20 min in-between appointments has reduced the cross over, for pretty much all appointments.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me.

Looking forward to seeing you again!