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Fall 2020 – Sun, Smoke, no SUP

Fall really fell here in Victoria, BC. Sunny and 25 degrees Celsius that turned into indoor lockdown from thick smelly smoke from the fires in Washington. That ruined the last weekend of summer fun for me. What about you? Seems that masks were worn because of the smoke! It was shocking to see some people running outdoors! But I get it...I was getting pretty punchy just staying inside no SUP for weeks now!

Other good news comes from our local pools - and they have re-opened by appointment only!  I have to give them kudos for doing such a marvelous job of spacing groups out so that you're in and out without much fuss or bumping into too many in the change rooms. So nice to have a place to swim and feel the freedom of the water.

And lastly the not so great news - the CRA has come out with a new rule for manual osteopathic practitioners. From this update:

Basically says that I am to charge GST on these appointments. I'm not thrilled, but I have to change my backend accounting to reflect this. You will not notice anything on your end, that is until my rates go up in the future.

So next up is Halloween - my favorite holiday and decorating-the-house-day! Sadly we will not hand out candy, I just don't think anyone will come by and I'm sure Dr. Bonnie Henry advises against it. Another holiday we will have to wait to celebrate next year! So I'll have to be satisfied with online searches of pets in's one:

Darth Pug
Darth Pug